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  • 믹싱 동작중 실시간 재료의 온도 측정가능
  • 믹싱 동작중 실시간 회전속도 측정가능
  • 블루투스를 위한 데이터 전송가능
Specification (Multi Sensor)
Tempreture Sensar Type Non Contact infrated thermometer
Measuring range +0.0℃ ~ +79.9℃
Resolution (Minimum) 0.1℃
Rotation Sensar Type angular velocity measuring method
Measuring range 200 ~ 2000rpm
※Not compatible with defoaming mode (Lower speed rotation)
Resolution (Minimum) 1rpm
Power supply · Multi sensor : Coin cell (Lithum Battery CR2450)
· Bluetooth reciever : USB
Battery life 100 hour
Unit Dimensions The height of standard 300ml container +27mm
Weight Approx. 135g (Including 300ml standard container)
Container 300ml HDPE standard container

* Product specifications are subject to change without prior notice

* The accuracy of sensor may decreased depending on operating environment

Specification (Software)
OS Display Items Log Data
Windows7, 8, 10(32bit, 64bit) Tempreture, DPS. Rotational speed in RPM, Remaining battery power Can be expored it to CSV file
Supported Models

ARE-250 CE / ARE-310 / ARE-400TWIN / ARE-400TWIN CE / ARE-500 / ARE-500 CE / ARV-310 / ARV-310 CE / ARV-310LED / ARV-310LED CE

* Multi-Sensor for SR-500 and ARV-930TWIN models are currently under development.

* The sensor for models ARV-5000. ARV-3000TWIN and ARV-10kTWIN requlres modification.